1. Liset Alea
    Paris, France
  2. Olga Kouklaki
    Athens, Greece
  3. Nouvelle Vague
    Paris, France
  4. Marc Collin
    Paris, France
  5. Mélanie Pain
    Caen, France
  6. Marina Celeste
    Paris, France
  7. Birdpaula
    Paris, France
  8. Phoebe Killdeer & The short straws
    Antibes, France
  9. Corine
  10. Brisa Roche
    Arcata, California
  11. Jay-Jay Johanson
  12. Jenia Lubich
  13. The Living Gods of Haiti
    London, UK
  14. Joon Moon
    Paris, France
  15. Nadeah
    Melbourne, Australia
  16. La Féline
    Paris, France
  17. Wendy Bevan
    London, UK
  18. Barry


Kwaidan Records France

1998. Marc Collin founds Kwaidan Records in Paris. Composer/producer
with an eye for talent - a quick description that neatly
resumes the talents of Marc Collin, who over the years has progressed
from the studio to playing live.
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